Smartphone Coaching System

How to use technology for personal development instead of personal destruction!

For entrepreneurs in Dubai About

The book

The book is the foundation of our system. It shows how you can combine the best strategies from personal development with technology.

For business

By combining the best strategies with technology we help you double your business and build something that you love. And result is guaranteed.

For a better life

Design a good life by improving your health, better your relationships and find your purpose.

Our formula

The biggest problem is not finding the information on living a successful life. The biggest problem is implementing the ideas. We provide a systemized way to do this which will guarantee success.

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Unique seminar in the Desert

If you want to improve, the first step is always to identify what you want. The best place to do this is in nature. Join us for a unique experience in the Dubai desert. You will get the chance to reflect on your past, present and future. You will leave energized and with clear goals for the future.

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Message from the founder:

"I founded Smartphone Coaching to deal with the increased complexity in my life. Being an entrepreneur involved in several different businesses I needed a system. Technology helped me organize and prioritise everything I have learnt, my goals and achievements and also acted as an accountability partner + much more. It also turned out to be the perfect tool when I worked 1-1 with my coaching clients" Oskar Andermo


Some testimonials:

Great Tool to Get Your Goals

My smartphone is not anymore an appliance to make calls, send messages or to get an internet access. With this smartbook I am planning my goals and I am using my smartphone to follow up of each step. This book is a great tool to focusing to our goals.

Hands on life change!

A great help in moving towards a happier and more conscious life. Love the action steps, they make the book.

Very interesting concept!

Oskar Andermo has come up with a clever yet simple system for keeping you on track with your goal setting. Finally a really smart way to use your phone.

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