More than 11 000 business books are published every year...

However "Succes is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day." Jim Rohn. Smartphone Coaching helps you with the biggest challenge: implementation!

7 smartphone applications to help you take action NOW!

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What is Smartphone Coaching?

When you take proven, tested strategies and use technology to implement them, success is guaranteed and inevitable. All the information you need to build a successful business and life is out there. What you need is a system to help you take daily action on the best strategies. Welcome to the Smartphone Coaching System! More info

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Some programs we currently offer:

Build a Flip-flop business

Learn how to build a lifestyle business. Something you love doing, makes you lots of money and can be managed anywhere in the world. Learn more here.

UAE business owner mastermind

Forget about lifestyle business I need more clients now! Learn how to increase sales and at the same time work less. Perfect if you as a business owner sometimes feel you have nobody to bounce ideas with. Together in a group of 6 likeminded we will brainstorm best solutions for your most pressing problem.  Learn more here.

NLP and Mental training for entrepreneurs

This is for you if you are successful but want to become more successful. As a business owner you will have good times and bad times. The external events are many times outside of your control. By training mentally you get better at dealing with the ups and downs of running a business. Learn more here.

1-1 Smartphone Coaching

A business coach is like a personal trainer but for your business. We will work on your business not in it. The only way to more freedom. In between the sessions you will be connected with the coach by whatsup for extra accountability. By application only. Email us to learn more.

Our pledge: Smartphone Coaching commit to contribute, inspire and help more than 1 million people to freedom through entrepreneurship.

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